We believe that life is a gift best honored through actively exploring, creating, and planting seeds to make the world a better place. Inspired by the power of visual aesthetics, raw nature, and wellness, LEAVELI creates beautiful, elevated brands for everyday living. Through custom branding, web design, and content strategy, LEAVELI supports conscious brands and entrepreneurs share their stories and make an impact.



The process of branding mission-based products for every day use nourish our agency´s soul.


We love creating personal brands and telling someone’s story, purpose and community vision through visuals, shapes & colors.


We structure your monthly content calendar ideas and design customizable templates so that content management becomes effortless.


We love the pleasent gut feeling you get when you enter into a beautiful space. We also love designing brands that have a physical place to recreate the energy felt there in the online world.


We are connected with over 400 wellness and sustainability advocates. We love to connect them with conscious brands that care about human health and the environment.


Elissa Goodman
Nutritionist, Cleanse Expert and Bestselling Author “Cancer Hacks".

“Working with Eli and her incredible team was not only inspiring but so much fun! They helped me visualize and conceptualize everything I want my brand and self to represent. The branding unified and elevated the company and I still smile every time I see our logo.”

- Elissa Goodman

Peter Crone

“ The work that Leaveli has performed for us has been truly exceptional. Elisabet has been highly communicative, fantastic at taking feedback and interating on the design, and the product that she presents is always beautiful and captures what we have been looking for. Sometimes she understands what we want even better than we do! ”

- Peter Crone

Rif Care

“Working with Leaveli was so easy. They sparked creativity I did not know I had as a founder. All I did was put my ideas in writing and they elevated them to make an amazing logo and brand campaign that will carry my brand into major retailers next year. I am grateful they were able to do this work so quickly and I will come to them for all my needs in the future! ”

- Valerie Emanuel