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Kaliks Collective
“I started working with Leaveli last year and it’s been an amazing experience. The communication is always clear and pleasant with prompt turn around times on projects. I’m so grateful to work with them and will be doing so for the foreseable future. ”

- Allison


Peter Crone

“Working with Eli and the team at Leaveli is arguably the best experience I’ve ever had with a branding company. I ended up working on 4 different projects with them as the service was that good! Kind, reliable, professional, creative, responsive, and ultimately delivered amazing final products. If you’re looking to work on your brand, create a brand, or simply need help with a logo, these are the peeps to see!!♥” 

- Peter Crone

Caley Alyssa

“I have been working with LEAVELI now for three years. They have helped me to uplevel my website, email, and social media in such a beautiful way! I can not say how much I enjoy working with this talented and kind group. They are always there for me in a pinch and truly make working together such a joy.  Thank you LEAVELI! ”

- Caley Alissa

The Climate Optimist

“Working with Leaveli has been such a joyful and exciting process and I couldn't be happier with the result they gave me. They listened to my mission, took in my vision and brand image, and created templates that I can use for multiple purposes across platforms. I am amazed by how fast their team got my design templates ready and how easy it's been to work within them to create continuous promotional content for my brand! I will definitely keep Leaveli top of mind for my next design projects as well! ”

- Anne Therese Gennari - Speaker and Writer of “The Climate Optimist”

Rif Care

“Working with Leaveli was so easy. They sparked creativity I did not know I had as a founder. All I did was put my ideas in writing and they elevated them to make an amazing logo and brand campaign that will carry my brand into major retailers next year. I am grateful they were able to do this work so quickly and I will come to them for all my needs in the future! ”

- Valerie Emanuel

Elissa Goodman

“Working with Eli and her incredible team was not only inspiring but so much fun! They helped me visualize and conceptualize everything I want my brand and self to represent. The branding unified and elevated the company and I still smile every time I see our logo.”

- Elissa Goodman
Nutritionist, Cleanse Expert and Bestselling Author “Cancer Hacks". 

Hemp and the Honeybee

“As an entrepreneur who already wears so many hats, I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to find designers who understand you, your vision, and your brand all in one place. The Leaveli team made this process so easy and I continue to gather so much inspiration from our collaboration. They didn't just make my job easier -they made it better!! ”

- Hemp and the Honeybee

Choose Heart

“ I hired Eli to create a website for my counseling & coaching business. Regardless of whatever else I write here, the fact that I now have a website that I feel profoundly proud of is testament enough to the value of investing in the team at Leaveli.

From start to finish, I felt the Leaveli team ‘in my corner’, endeavoring to understand exactly what I wanted to create, and truly doing everything in their power to deliver the goods. Throughout the entire process, the team was focused, professional, and results-oriented. They were always driving the project toward the finish-line of my stated desires (even and especially when I didn’t feel 100% enthusiastic).

I have already gotten such great feedback from my community and clients. I have also experienced an uptick in client interest since launching–make of that what you will =) I will be returning to Leaveli with future projects regarding social media & promotional materials. I’m glad to have found such a high-quality team for this essential part of my business.

Something to keep in mind: this process was a clear reflection of my ‘inner readiness’…of knowing what I wanted to say–if not exactly how I wanted to say it, of being ready to dedicate a significant amount of my time & life-force to the process, of being willing to work collaboratively with the team and their background of experience…I believe that my readiness on these levels directly translated into a much higher return-on-investment, and encourage you to reflect on this piece for yourself as you begin your creative journey with Leaveli.”

- Justin Sarno,
Counselor & Founder of Chooseheart.com

The Pear

“It was such a pleasure to work with Leaveli. I think we loved the simplicity the most.

We didn’t need to discuss many alternatives, as we understood one another's vision and were able to create a beautiful authentic platform, which we couldn't be more excited to share with the world when the time is right.”

- Rebecca Malherbe
The Pear Co-founder


“The work that Leaveli has performed for us has been truly exceptional. All the team has been highly communicative, fantastic at taking feedback and interating on the design, and the product that she presents is always beautiful and captures what we have been looking for. Sometimes she understands what we want even better than we do! ”

- Jenny